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Halloween-themed Fandom Masquerade

Welcome to Fandom Masquerade, a multi-fandom role play taking place all through the months of September and October in which no one knows who is playing who. On Halloween night (October 31), we will all reveal our identities. See if you can guess who your friends are!

How to Join:

Visit the Claims Post and make an anonymous comment to claim your character. Please view the claims list below to be sure the character you want hasn't already been claimed. I'll reply to your comment to let you know when you're added to the list, then you're free to start playing! Be sure to create a journal for your character!


1.) Try to choose a character no one would expect you to play. No using characters you're currently playing in other role plays, please. Remember, part of the fun is being mysterious!

2.) When you've been added to the list and you've created your character journal, you're free to start playing. In your first comment (under a location post), you must give three hints about your online identity. These shouldn't be too detailed, as you don't want to give yourself away too easily. A good example of a hint is: "I'm a female over the age of 19." This is vague enough that it could describe many people, but could also eliminate a lot of possibilities. A bad example of a hint is: "My LJ username starts with an A." This is a little too much detail and would make it easy to guess who you are. The purpose of the hints isn't really to let people guess who you are, but to confirm who you are to those who begin to suspect you of playing the character after playing with you for a while. These hints will be then be listed on the User Info page under your character's name.

3.) Any character from any fandom is fine. Please only one character per person!

4.) Make sure you claim the character anonymously! This is very important! IP logging will be turned off. And please don't tell your friends who you're playing, as it will ruin much of the fun. Feel free to tell your friends that you're participating in the game though. :D

5.) Treat all other players with respect. You never know when you'll be playing with your best friend or a complete stranger! I realize that when playing certain characters, you have to be somewhat rude or snarky, but please keep it in character only. OOC rudeness is highly frowned upon.

6.) I consider this an adult, mature role play. Horror themes are bound to pop up (it IS Halloween themed you know!), and romance (of all types) is encouraged. Humor, horror, and general craziness are very much encouraged! Gore, blood, etc. is fine, provided you're not killing someone else's character (for example, finding a gruesome corpse is dandy). Sex is fine, so long as you don't venture beyond R-rated territory. No porn, please. XD

7.) On October 30, everyone is encouraged to make an OOC post in which you attempt to guess who your friends are playing. Of course, you won't find out if you're right until the next day (in other words, if someone guesses correctly who you're playing, don't comment telling them they're right until after the big revealing on Halloween night). You're not expected to guess the indentity of all players (as there will be some you've never met), only your friends whom you know are playing. And it is not required that you make guesses at all.

And that's it! More rules may be added as needed. This is the first multi-fandom role play I've organized, so I hope things go well. If anyone has any suggestions or questions, feel free to voice them on the Claims Post!

The Setting:

Mysterious invitations have been sent to everyone, across all fandoms, to a Masquerade Ball held in a large, looming mansion on a dark hill surrounded by forests. Once they enter the grounds, a mysterious force-field traps them there. While unassuming guests continue to arrive, those already trapped there are powerless to warn them. Phones don't work. All communication is cut off. They have no choice but to explore the mansion and its surrounding area to find clues about the owner, and how to escape.

The mansion has many rooms, many floors, many dark corridors and secret passageways. The forests outside are alive with wild animals and hidden paths to cemeteries, abandoned living quarters of former servants, musky caves, and a large lake of suspiciously black water. Your characters are free to roam the halls of the mansion, discovering its secrets, or get lost in the woods. Where you take them is up to you. Will they find ghosts in the library? Discover zombies in the graveyard? Or find romance in a lavish upstairs bedroom? You decide!

Major Locations:

These are the main locations your characters will interact in. Each location will have its own thread that you can post in. When you start the role play, you are encouraged to select a location to play in. You are free to switch locations at any time, so long as you make it clear that you are moving, so that the people playing with you will know you're no longer there to respond. Please only play in one location at a time.

The Grand Hall
This basically acts as the entrance. You are not required to stop in here before moving to other locations, but this will act as a central hub for the main events. The Grand Hall is a lavish and ornate ballroom lit only by thousands of candles. A ghostly female spectre has been known to appear here, trying to trap the hearts of beautiful men by tricking them into dancing with her. The October Ball will be held here on October 1st. The mansion's mysterious owner will also randomly make appearances here. From the Grand Hall, you can access the Dining Room, the Bar area, the Entertainment Room and various hallways on the first floor.

The Library
Dominating the second floor, this huge, dusty library is full of information and clues. Sleuths eager to discover the owner's identity will want to come here, if they're not driven off by the sounds of unseen creatures scuttling about. The shelves are high, and secret restricted sections abound. Periodically the visitors to the Library will be forced to fight off armies of violent critters. From the Library, you can reach the numerous bedrooms on the second floor, as well as the stairs to the third floor, which contains the Observatory and several lonely balconies lit by moonlight.

The Forest
The dark, sprawling forest surrounding the mansion is full of trees, animals, and unimaginable horrors lurking all about. Werewolves have been spotted, among other things. Those most eager to escape and find a way through the force field will explore the forest. From here, you can access the Black Lake, the Caves, and the Haunted Tree House.

The Cemetery
This giant graveyard is surrounded by a rusty iron gate. Zombies are rumored to dig their way out of their graves on occasion, if they hear the sounds of the living. Large-scale zombie attacks will be held here weekly. The Cemetery gives you access to the Mausoleum and the secret underground Catacombs.

Claimed Characters:

Dean Winchester

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