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Welcome + Claims Post

Welcome to the Fandom Masquerade! Please visit the User Info page to learn how the game is played. You will aso find the lowdown on the locations, what areas can be reached from those locations, a list of claimed characters, etc.

The game will begin on September 1st, 2009. You are welcome to claim a character and create a journal at any time, but please do not post in any of the locations until the game begins. Any posts made before September 1st will be deleted.

To claim a character, simply leave an anonymous comment to this post with the following information: Character - Fandom

I will reply telling you that you have been added to the list. At that point, you are free to go ahead and make your character journal.
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OOC Post

This is the OOC (out of character) post. Use this to chat, plan, and interact with other players using your character journals. The only rule is that you do NOT reveal or hint to your identity. This is still a masquerade! Chatting should be restricted to the role play itself, or to fandom-related discussion. No mentioning anything about real life (for example, mentioning pets, family members, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.) as these could be used to deduce your identity. Your role playing itself should be the only way friends can figure out who you are.

I will also periodically update this post with information about in-game events, changes to rules, or other information you might need, so check it regularly! Updates will alwas be in the post itself, not the comments.

This is the post to use if you have questions, complaints (anonymous comments are fine!), or suggestions.
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